Department of Cybernetics
and Biomedical Engineering


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The Department of Cybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, in accordance with its name, provides courses in cybernetics and biomedical sciences. In both areas, Master's degree courses follow the bachelor's degree courses and expand them according to the chosen focus to form an engineer ready for work in the field. To achieve this goal, the department is helped by a strong laboratory background.

Control and Information Systems

The aim of the fields is to provide training in automation, control systems, measurement and sensors. The study is practically focused, with an emphasis on maximizing the knowledge that can be used in future jobs. Graduates of the fields are employed in companies involved in the design and implementation of computer measuring, control and information systems in all areas of industry and services. Due to industry characteristics, they can also be used in the pure IT business.

Bachelor Degree - Control and Information Systems Master's Degree - Control and Information Systems Doctoral degree - Cybernetics

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Technology and Biomedical Engineering are multidisciplinary disciplines using both technical and scientific knowledge, and for clinical practice requires versatile professionals. Teaching takes place at all levels of higher education at VŠB-TU Ostrava in close cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine of Ostrava University and University Hospital Ostrava.

Bachelor Degree - Biomedical Technology Master's Degree - Biomedical Engineering

Computer Systems for the 21st Century Industry

The new industrial revolution, characterized by the onset of comprehensive solutions in automation, robotics and digitization, is today a global technological trend (Industry 4.0). To tackle these emerging trends across their breadth, the Interdisciplinary Bachelor's Degree Program Computer Systems for the 21st Century is set to focus on computer systems resulting from the interdisciplinary interaction of physical and computing networks. These computer systems become the basis of a critical infrastructure that forms the basis for new and future smart services, shifting from industry to the future and the lifestyle of future generations. The bachelor study offered only in the form of full-time study is based on the need to master this interdisciplinary approach, representing not only the unification of parts of existing study programs focused on computer science and parts of electrical engineering programs, but also their innovation dictated by technological advances. FEI VŠB-TU Ostrava as the only faculty in the Czech Republic today associates leading departments oriented both in informatics and electronics and electronics, which is a unique prerequisite for the quality of study in this study program. Throughout the Bachelor's degree program, great emphasis is placed also on the English language communication skills of students and on the intensive improvement of their soft skills in project-oriented teaching, which corresponds to the requirements of the graduates of their future employers.