Department of Cybernetics
and Biomedical Engineering

Science and research

Measurements, tests and sensors

Professional activity

  • Automation of measurement and testing using virtual instrumentation technology
  • Measurement and evaluation of turnkey power quality
  • Testing of measuring equipment for electric power: electricity meters, electricity quality analyzers,
  • synchronous phasor evaluation units
  • Optical product inspection, machine vision, camera systems
  • Signal processing, adaptive filter design, software-defined radio
  • Sensors of non-electric quantities
  • Building management

Group staff

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Significant projects

At present, the expert group is working on the following projects:

Teaching activity of the group

  • Measurement and Sensors Area: Electrical Measurements, Sensors and Measurements, Electronic Measuring Instruments, Metrology and Precision Measurements, Measurement in Telecommunications, Measurement in Information and Communication Technologies, Electronic Measuring & Instruments, Measuring Systems.
  • Virtual Instrumentation: Virtual Instrumentation I, Virtual Instrumentation II, Systems for Measurement and Data Collection, Measuring Systems and Their Programming, Methodology of Design of Information Metering Systems
  • Soft Skills Area: Conceptual Design and Development of Innovative Products.