Department of Cybernetics
and Biomedical Engineering

Science and research

Biomedical engineering

** Professional activity **

The group is dedicated to the research and development of electrotechnical applications with use in medicine. At present, the group deals with measurement, transmission and algorithms of biosignal processing, medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices corresponding to telemetric and personnel medical applications. These areas include the design of FPGA / CPLD programmable logic, microprocessor engineering and control systems in medical applications, including designs of embedded systems, microcontrollers, design of digital systems, VHDLs and bioscientists. The group also deals with biotech and SmartHome systems, including data and wireless technologies. In the area of ​​sensors, projects are implemented using accelerometers and gyroscopes, temperature sensors, pressure and biolecular signals. As a result of the processing of biosignals, the problems of ECG and EEG filtration, EKG approximation, Heart activity mapping are addressed. An integral part of the group is software projects for measurement, analysis and visualization of measured data.

** Group staff **

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** Significant projects **

At present, the expert group is working on the following projects:

** Teaching activity of the group **

The members of the group participate in the guarantee and teaching of subjects of the Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Technology and in the follow-up Master's program in Biomedical Engineering.