Department of Cybernetics
and Biomedical Engineering

Science and research

Cooperation between HU Ostrava and Polytechnic Opolská in science and education of students and PhD students in the fields of electrical engineering, energy and informatics

Agency: MPMR
Project code: CZ.3.22/3.100/12.03337
Project solver: prof. Ing. Pavel Santarius, CSc.
Beginning: 2014
End: 2015

For many years (since 2000), the cooperation of pedagogical and scientific staff of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (FEI) of VŠB-Technical University in Ostrava with Wydzia Elektrotechniki, Automatyki i Informatyki (WEAI) of Opole Policies is being documented by joint activities within the KONTAKT project subsequently under INTERREG III A and OPPS. Cooperation has been focused on two areas: scientific and pedagogical. The result has been joint publications, joint seminars, conferences, joint student activities (workshops, expert excursions). The newly-developed joint project will focus mainly on the field of doctoral study and is based on the Cooperation Agreement concluded in 2011. The project will be a continuation of past collaboration with a strong emphasis on the education of doctoral students with a special focus on information technology implementation. There will be realized mutual study visits of doctoral students, using newly equipped laboratories as well as special instruments obtained within the framework of EU projects, and on the basis of a cooperation agreement, WEAI Politechniki Opolská will be trained in doctoral studies at FEI Technical University of Ostrava. Very important elements of the project in the field of science will be jointly realized seminars with both partners in the Czech Republic and PL and the joint organization of the international conference of the Energy Forum Forum GRE2014. In the pedagogical field, lectures will be held for both students and PhD students at both universities and exchange excursions of students, which have been very successful in the past. The described activities will allow the improvement of the quality of education at the same time in the theoretical and practical areas of both universities and will also contribute to a better understanding of each other as well as to the development of social and cultural relations.