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Research and development of the steam-air mixture heater for the Flexible Power System

Agency: TAČR
Project code: TA04021687
Project solver: Ing. Blanka Filipová, Ph.D.
Beginning: 2014
End: 2017

The present project is focused on applied research and experimental development in the field of heat exchangers with high temperature heated medium (about 850 ° C), which is the steam air mixture, the way of creating this steam air mixture and controlling its temperature along the exchanger length in terms of not exceeding the maximum allowable temperatures in the relevant part of the exchanger - the heater of the steam-air mixture. This research and development is a follow-up to the finalized research carried out under the grant project FR-TI1 / 073, the main beneficiary of which was VÍTKOVICE POWER ENGINEERING as, which was successfully completed in 2012. The aim of this project is to ensure the development of the steam- , as one of the basic components of the cycle to be developed, and to prepare the basis for the supply of a heat source based on a flexible energy system. The developed steam heater is thus a connecting link between the combustion chamber for combustion of coal and gas turbine and as a whole new device must ensure not only the heating of the mixture to a working temperature of about 850 ° C but also the preparation of such a mixture. The development of such a steam mixer heater will enable VÍTKOVICE POWER ENGINEERING a.s. to process the required Feasibilty Study of the heat plant, which is a prerequisite for its commercial deployment.