Department of Cybernetics
and Biomedical Engineering

Science and research

Management of technological systems with OAZE

Agency: SGS
Project code: SP2015/184
Project solver: doc. Ing. Bohumil Horák, Ph.D.
Beginning: 2015
End: 2015

Technology development, globalization and other aspects of the development of society are driving the development and use of alternative and renewable energy sources in all areas of human activity. The current OAZE deployment is often only partial and does not include fully comprehensive aspects of human life needs. The subject of the research is the design, description, compilation, measurement and management of systems with OAES aiming at the targeted integration of functional properties of individual elements and ensuring independent long-term sustainable development or development. Elements may include I / O systems of building management systems, DHW heating and preparation, electro-energy systems of family houses, elements of passenger transport and material transport or elements of ancillary services. Systems with OAZE may include photovoltaic and photothermal systems, systems with other sources of energy such as geothermal thermoelectric, etc. The structures of these systems will be studied to provide a comprehensive background for the independent long-term sustainable life of humans. The design of the project is a continuation of successful projects in the past.