Department of Cybernetics
and Biomedical Engineering

Science and research

Biomedical engineering systems XI

Agency: SGS
Project code: SP2015/179
Project solver: prof. Ing. Marek Penhaker, Ph.D.
Beginning: 2015
End: 2015

The project is a follow-up to the research activities carried out in previous years within the framework of internal grants of Biomedical Engineering Systems. The following tasks will be addressed during the project: 1.Advanced Assistive Living - A group dedicated to both hardware and software solutions for biotermometry measurements and tests on miniature mobile devices for the measurement of biological signals in a test apartment at the University of Ostrava. 2.VectoCariography II - Modern methods of processing, sharing and evaluation of electrophysiological data aim at constructing a vector cardiograph with the Franz cable and data recording software. Transformation of 12 lead electrocardiogram into vector cardiac leads. Analysis of individual types of arrhythmias in vector cardiac lesions. Topographic chest mapping for patients with arrhythmias 3.PPTTM - Pulse Transmit Time measurement II - Finish the physical model of pulse wave propagation in the bed and verify the PTT and TK dependence on it. Algorithm design after TK calculation based on physical model results. Verification of algorithm on real data measured at Třinec and FNO hospitals. 4.Rhiana - application of inertial sensors in rehabilitation. The question of the possibility of detection and classification of pathological states of the patient's movement and stabilization system will be addressed. A further direction is to design and implement a pad for detecting the patient's position on the ball segment during the rehabilitation process. Last but not least, the development of rehabilitation and balancing exercise software will continue. 5.BioSensation II - the subject of research will be new possibilities of electrochemical materials usable for measuring and stimulation of biological objects and objectification of measuring effects. Part of this will be the possibility of preparing materials for in vivo dosing for drug delivery and their targeted targeting of specific tissues. 6.BioBra II - The group will deal with the design and implementation of a system of outpatient objective examination of soft tissues in order to locate and determine the tissue for further examination by ionizing methods such as RTG CT etc. 7.BiBi II - the group will deal with the design and implementation of an outpatient tool removal of clays from the liver with increased safety of withdrawal from the phleema of subsequent bleeding of the tissues. 8.Thorr II - The subject will be the design of a device for measurement and treatment of breathing during CT examination and subsequent radiotherapy for correct localization and targeting of the tumorous deposit.