Department of Cybernetics
and Biomedical Engineering

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Modeling and analysis of the cardiovascular system

Agency: FRVŠ
Project code: FRVS2015/204
Project solver: Ing. Lukáš Peter, Ph.D.
Beginning: 2015
End: 2015

Monitoring of vital functions is an irreplaceable role in intensive medicine. The real cardiovascular system of the human organism is a very complex system consisting of vascular fluid and a heart pump that serves as an adaptive blood flow initiator. The primary objective of the project is to create a physical model of a cardiovascular system that will imitate as realistically as possible the real system and serve as a simulator of hemodynamic parameters of the human body. This physical model is made up of a set of mechanical elements that appropriately mimic the physical properties of blood flow. The main benefit of the proposed model is the simulation of haemodynamic parameters of the blood vessel, including blood pressure, cardiac output, pulse wave propagation rate and others. Output of the project will be laboratory tasks, which are thematically focused on the mechanical modeling of the individual hemodynamic parameters and subsequent signal processing of the achieved data. These laboratory tasks will be of great benefit to students in understanding the physical properties of the cardiovascular system and applying mathematical methods that are useful in the field of medical data processing.