Department of Cybernetics
and Biomedical Engineering

Science and research

Innovation of subjects focused on advanced methods of programming of control systems

Agency: FRVŠ (MŠMT)
Project code: RPP2016/94
Project solver: Jakub Hlavica, Ing.
Beginning: 2016
End: 2016

The proposed Learning Innovation project is aimed at modernizing the laboratory equipment of microcontrollers and embedded control systems and the creation of follow-up laboratory tasks. The aim of the project is to supply the department's laboratory with selected teaching sets and modern laboratory equipment designed for teaching students in bachelor and follow-up master programs. The acquisition of teaching sets is motivated by the requirement to increase the quality of teaching. Learning kits allow students to apply their control algorithms to real devices and are not only reliant on simulators. In the part of controlled teaching, the possibilities for the practical part of teaching will be extended. As far as uncontrolled teaching is concerned, the instrumentation will allow to create practical parts of bachelor's and diploma theses on a professional level, while students will also learn about real problems in technical practice and their solution using modern equipment of the workplace.