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and Biomedical Engineering

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Research and development of intelligent network of sensors for monitoring the safety of grids and barriers for the needs of geotechnics

Agency: MPO
Project code: FV10706
Project solver: Ing. Radovan Hájovský, Ph.D.
Beginning: 2016
End: 2019

The aim of the project is to develop a new comprehensive monitoring system for catchment geotechnical solutions of slope deformations. STRIX, as an implementing company of remedial measures on rocky and soil slopes, installs a large number of seizures and dynamic barriers. These measures serve to protect the infrastructure, especially the transport structures. Current practice almost does not address long-term monitoring of the effectiveness of such measures and timely information on emergencies. For these reasons, the results of the project will offer a comprehensive monitoring system usable on high-strength seizure networks and dynamic barriers. The project's solution will help to increase safety in the vicinity of line constructions in front of georids.