Department of Cybernetics
and Biomedical Engineering

Science and research

Equipment for Rapid Prototyping for Industry 4.0

Agency: FRVŠ(MŠMT)
Project code: RPP2017/194
Project solver: Jan Dedek, Ing.
Beginning: 2017
End: 2017

The proposed Learning Innovation project is aimed at equipping the workplace with technologies that are not available for training or are available to a limited extent. The equipment will be used to create laboratory tasks in which students of all levels learn about 3D printing technologies, advanced measurement of secondary electrochemical cells, how to charge and discharge batteries, or how to use measuring instruments. Acquisition of devices and tools will expand existing learning opportunities and also extend its capabilities, for example, to rapid prototyping, which is a valuable experience in the labor market. In the controlled learning section, 3D printer parts will be printed on the manufactured products, the charger, the artificial load, and the multimeters will be used to test batteries and control units and a tool kit, caliper, vapor extractor, desiccant station or magnifying glass to improve the quality of instruction in design and implementation DPS. In the part of uncontrolled teaching, there is the possibility of using for better results of bachelor or diploma theses, or use for semestral projects in other subjects.