Department of Cybernetics
and Biomedical Engineering

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Development of algorithms and systems for control, monitoring and security applications III

Agency: SGS
Project code: SP2017/158
Project solver: doc. Ing. Jiří Koziorek, Ph.D.
Beginning: 2017
End: 2017

The basic theme of the project is applied research on the use of electronic microprocessor systems in the field of signal processing, control systems, robotics, functional safety systems, control algorithms and simulations. The project builds on and further develops the issues solved in a project with a similar focus under SP2016 / 162. The main task of the submitted project is to support existing and especially beginning PhD students in their involvement in research in this field and their gradual transition to the grant projects and the implementation of contractual research. The presented project aims to develop research activities in three areas: 1. Signal processing in industrial control systems 2. Research and development in the field of sensor networks and IoT technologies 3. Research and development in the field of embedded and industrial control systems Further information on the subject of the research are listed in the enclosed document.